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Associations of people, whether in the private or public sector, having some interest, activity, or purpose in common, and united in a structured relationship of roles and responsibilities, which they jointly act to accomplish.

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Basic status

Telecommunications; General telecom

In data transmission, the status of the capability of a secondary station to send or receive a frame containing an information field.


Telecommunications; General telecom

In database management, a property inherent in an entity or associated with that entity for database purposes. 2. In network management, a property of a managed object that has a ...

Black back

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Coated stock, featuring strong colour retention, brightness and a 100% opaque surface. This stock completely eliminates bleed through and is excellent for full white backgrounds ...

Mandrel wrapping

Telecommunications; General telecom

In multimode fibre optics, a technique used to modify the modal distribution of a propagating optical signal. Note: A cylindrical rod wrap consists of a specified number turns of ...

Center-to-center spacing

Advertising; Billboard advertising

The distance between the centre point of one pixel and the centre of an adjacent pixel on a video or message centre display. Also known as pitch.

Break interval

Telecommunications; General telecom

In dial-pulse signaling, that portion of the dial pulse in which the pulsing circuit is in its high-impedance condition. 2. In dial-pulse signaling, that portion of the dial pulse ...


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A measurement of directional light intensity from a point source.