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Relating to public figures or personalities, celebrities or otherwise, who have made significant progress in their particular professional field, or who have helped or influenced wider society to an outstanding degree.

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Basic status

Telecommunications; General telecom

In data transmission, the status of the capability of a secondary station to send or receive a frame containing an information field.


Telecommunications; General telecom

In database management, a property inherent in an entity or associated with that entity for database purposes. 2. In network management, a property of a managed object that has a ...

Black back

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Coated stock, featuring strong colour retention, brightness and a 100% opaque surface. This stock completely eliminates bleed through and is excellent for full white backgrounds ...

Mandrel wrapping

Telecommunications; General telecom

In multimode fibre optics, a technique used to modify the modal distribution of a propagating optical signal. Note: A cylindrical rod wrap consists of a specified number turns of ...

Center-to-center spacing

Advertising; Billboard advertising

The distance between the centre point of one pixel and the centre of an adjacent pixel on a video or message centre display. Also known as pitch.

Break interval

Telecommunications; General telecom

In dial-pulse signaling, that portion of the dial pulse in which the pulsing circuit is in its high-impedance condition. 2. In dial-pulse signaling, that portion of the dial pulse ...


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A measurement of directional light intensity from a point source.