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Metals; Aluminum

To join two pieces of metal by applying heat or pressure, causing them to melt in the welded area, mingle and resolidify, forming a single piece.


Metals; Aluminum

Conformance to a common center as, for example, the inner and outer walls of round tube.


Metals; Aluminum

A slot in the shaft of a mechanical drive system that provides a means of locking a gear or other part onto the shaft.

Vent mark

Metals; Aluminum

A small protrusion on a forging resulting from the entrance of metal into a die vent hole.


Metals; Aluminum

The action of relieving entrapped air or gases by a venting or burp procedure during the extrusion process.

Vapour barrier

Metals; Aluminum

A material which prevents or impedes the passage of water vapour through the walls of a structure or container. aluminium is an excellent vapour barrier.

Volatile organic compound (V.O.C.)

Metals; Aluminum

Any organic compound that participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions as designated by EPA standards.

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