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Business management

General business management terms encompassing inventory management, security management, financial administration, business planning, and management services for all enterprise-wide information systems.

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Business management

evolutionary strategic management

Business administration; Business management

Evolutionary strategic management regards strategy development as the accumulation of many small changes, which shape the original plan over time. This is tied to rapidly occurring changes in the ...

operational research (OR)

Business administration; Business management

A branch of management science that applies mathematics to a series of techniques, like critical path analysis, which an organization may use in its planning and decision-making. In essence, ...

SIMO chart

Business administration; Business management

In ergonomics, this is an acronym for a Simultaneous Motion Cycle Chart, used to record and chart the co-ordination of workers' limb movements or therbligs. It is one of the techniques of work ...

buggy whip

Business administration; Business management

Widely used as an equine instrument to produce a cracking sound in order to prod horses harnessed to wagons and carriages, buggy whips gradually became obsolete when automobiles started to become ...

BS 5750

Business administration; Business management

A standard of quality set by the British Standards Institution. Its successful achievement by an organization is attested by a certificate.


Business administration; Business management

A type of boss who stressed his subordinates with his bad mood, bad character and inefficiency. A toxic leader.

financial management cycle

Business administration; Business management

The process of adding value as a structured process of identification and selection of present and future value adding opportunities.

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