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Of or relating to the art of making objects, buildings or furniture out of wood.

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Construction; Carpentry

A single component of a prefabricated roof framing system, normally built off site and delivered as part of the complete truss package.


Construction; Carpentry

The inward angle of two sloping roof sections. Framing consists of a doubled valley rafter in the middle which extends from a top plate corner to a second ridge board, with angled jack rafters used ...

Vaulted ceiling

Construction; Carpentry

An angled sloping ceiling.

Spacer blocks

Construction; Carpentry

Short blocks nailed to corner studs. A wall stud is nailed to the spacers, which creates a new nailing surface.


Construction; Carpentry

Distance between the structural supports in floors, ceilings, and roofs.

Spec house

Construction; Carpentry

Built on speculation, a developer or builder will build a house betting someone will buy it and they can turn a profit.

Speed square

Construction; Carpentry

A very useful tool for almost all aspects of framing carpentry, it's many uses are way to numerous to go into here.

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