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For breakfast foods made from grain products, not for the grains themselves.

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Disney Mickey's MAGIX

Food (other); Cereal

Breakfast for serial made by Kellogg's & Disney "naturally sweetened toasted oats with marshmallows as description United States company. "Of the unique characteristics of the grain:" Wow-! Milk ...


Food (other); Cereal

A brand of breakfast cereal made by General Mills for the North American and by Nestlé for the European, South American and Asian markets. The cereal consists of fruit-flavored, sweetened, ...


Food (other); Cereal

A breakfast cereal sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Germany produced by Post Cereals and General Mills, consisting of malted squares of inter-woven whole grain wheat.

Shredded wheat

Food (other); Cereal

A breakfast cereal made from whole wheat and has one side coated with sugar and usually gelatin. Some manufacturers have produced "filled" versions of the bite-size cereal containing a raisin at the ...

Golden Nuggets

Food (other); Cereal

A children's breakfast cereal sold in the UK by Cereal Partners (under the Nestlé brand). It is made mainly from cereal grains, sugar and honey, formed into large yellow crunchy balls. It has a ...


Food (other); Cereal

A brand of cereal made by Nestlé. It is marketed as a snack for the whole family but is popular for infants.


Food (other); Cereal

A chocolate-flavoured whole-grain breakfast cereal distributed by Nestlé in most of Europe, the Middle-East and Latin America.

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