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Of or relating to any product used to enhance and beautify the appearance or odour of the human body.

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Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A chemical product that is applied to hair after shampooing. It makes hair smooth, glowing, and shiny.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

Is a cosmetic beauty treatments for the hands and the nails. You can do it at home or go to a professional place to get it done.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A substance that is used for washing and cleaning. Soaps are made by combining something containing sodium with animal fat.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A coloured cosmetic used to apply on the eyelids and on the brow bones to accentuate them. Eyeshadows typically come in main three forms - powder, cream and liquid, but it can also be found in ...

Pressed powder

Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A powder that is compacted into a container, and typically comes in a compact with applicator. It is used to set foundation, to even out skin tone with a natural matte finish and absorb oils. Pressed ...

Colour type

Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

A halftone print in three or more colors.


Cosmetics & skin care; Cosmetics

Lasting or remaining without essential change.

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