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A small fruit, also called the "tomatillo," that is related to the tomato and the cape gooseberry. Their flavour is said to resemble a cross between lemon, apple, and herbs. Used in guacamole and ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

The purple-black fruit of the elder tree. Used to make jams, jellies, and the famous homemade elderberry wine-a spicy brew that can become as potent as its maker desires.


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

This small, egg-shaped fruit is native to South America. It provides a very fragrant, cream-colored flesh with a jelly-like center.


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

The fruit of any of approximately 700 varieties of fig trees. Figs are a good source of iron, calcium and phosphorus.


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Large tart berries used in jams, jellies, pies and desserts. The English and French use this berry to make gooseberry sauce for use with boiled or baked mackerel.


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

This hybrid muskmelon is considered one of the most succulent of melons. They weigh in at between 5 and 9 pounds.

Crookneck squash

Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Any of several varieties of summer squash with a long curved neck and a bulbous base. The creamy-white flesh has a mild flavor.

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