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Hog plum

Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

The edible fruit of a tropical American tree that is plentiful in northeastern Brazil. It is bright yellow, oval, average an inch long, and features a soft, juicy sub-acid pulp surrounding a large ...


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Melons related to cantaloupes, casaba and Persian melons. Honeydew melons are used to accompany meat, seafood, and cheese. They are also used in salads, desserts, and fruit soups.

Hubbard squash

Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

A large winter squash of American origin. Often mashed and mixed with butter and seasonings. Also used in casseroles, muffins, and pies.

Ground husk tomato

Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

A small fruit, also called the "Tomatillo," that is related to the tomato and the cape gooseberry. Their flavour is said to resemble a cross between lemon, apple, and herbs. Used in guacamole and ...

Ground cherry

Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

Also known as "cape gooseberry," this fruit has a bittersweet, juicy flesh. This fruit is eaten out of hand and used with meats, pies, jams, and savoury foods.


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

The large, dark-green, slightly acidic and pulpy flesh of the fruit of a small West Indies tree called the "soursop." Not surprisingly, this fruit is also called "soursop."


Fruits & vegetables; Fruits

This fruit is third in importance in the U.S. (behind apples and second-place oranges). There are two general classifications: Freestone, in which the pit falls freely away from the flesh, and ...

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