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Fully funded plan

Health care; General

A health plan under which an insurer or MCO bears the financial responsibility of guaranteeing claim payments and paying for all incurred covered benefits and administration costs.

Fixed costs

Health care; General

Costs that do not change with fluctuations in census or in utilisation of services.

Fiscal soundness

Health care; General

The requirement that managed care organisations have sufficient operating funds, on hand or available in reserve, to cover all expenses associated with services for which they have assumed financial ...

Flat fee-per-case

Health care; General

Flat fee paid for a client's treatment based on their diagnosis and/or presenting problem. For this fee the provider covers all of the services the client requires for a specific period of time. ...

Flexible benefit plan

Health care; General

Programme offered by some employers in which employees may choose among a number of health care benefit options. See also Cafeteria Plan.

Flexible spending account (FSA)

Health care; General

A plan that provides employees a choice between taxable cash and non-taxable benefits for unreimbursed health care expenses or dependent care expenses. This plan qualifies under Section 125 of the ...

Outcomes management

Health care; General

Providers and payers alike wish to find a method of managing care in a way that would produce the best outcomes. Managed care organisations are increasingly interested in learning to manage the ...

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