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Outcomes measurement

Health care; General

System used to systematically track clinical treatment and responses to that treatment. The methods for measuring outcomes are quite varied among providers. Much disagreement exists regarding the ...

Outcomes research

Health care; General

Research on measures of changes in patient outcomes, that is, patient health status and satisfaction, resulting from specific medical and health interventions. Attributing changes in outcomes to ...


Health care; General

A patient whose length of stay or treatment cost differs substantially from the stays or costs of most other patients in a diagnosis related group. Under DRG reimbursement, outliers are given ...

Outlier thresholds

Health care; General

The day and cost cutoff points that separate inlier patients from outlier patients.

Out-of-network provider

Health care; General

A health care provider with whom a managed care organisation does not have a contract to provide health care services. Because the beneficiary must pay either all of the costs of care from an ...

Outpatient hospital care

Health care; General

Medical or surgical care furnished by a hospital to a patient if that patient has not been admitted as an inpatient but is registered on hospital records as an outpatient. If a doctor orders that a ...

Outpatient care

Health care; General

Care given a person who is not bedridden. Also called ambulatory care. Many surgeries and treatments are now provided on an outpatient basis, while previously they had been considered reason for ...

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