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General law

Common terminology used in legal business.

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General law


Legal services; General law

Deponent-person giving evidence by written statement at court, or at police


Legal services; General law

In a civil case, evidence and documents which parties intend to use in court must be disclosed to the other party.


Legal services; General law

When the claimant decides not to continue with the case.

Date of service

Legal services; General law

The date when the defendant receives a claim form from court following the commencement of a suit by a client. The receipt of this usually has to be acknowledged by the defendant within two weeks.

Decree nisi

Legal services; General law

A conditional court order which only becomes binding (making it a decree absolute) only after a defined period of time or depending on certain other conditions. In the case of divorce orders, the ...

Default judgement

Legal services; General law

If a defendant does not acknowledge receipt of a claim within two weeks of being 'served' he may receive a default judgement. This means the claim will not go to a hearing, but rather the defendant ...

Fixed costs

Legal services; General law

Set costs in civil cases to be claimed in certain circumstances, e.g. if the defendant does not acknowledge a claim, the claimant will be entitled to these fixed costs from the defendant.

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