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General music

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General music

Sharp sign

Music; General music

Musical symbol (#) that indicates raising a pitch by a semitone.

Seventh chord

Music; General music

Four-note combination consisting of a triad with another third added on top; spans a seventh between its lowest and highest tones.

Sextuple metre

Music; General music

Compound metrical pattern of six beats to a measure.


Music; General music

A sudden stress or accent on a single note or chord, indicated in the musical score by the marking "sf" or "sfz".

Shape note

Music; General music

Music notation system originating in nineteenth century American church music in which the shape of the note heads determines the pitch; created to aid music reading.

Snare drum

Music; General music

Small cylindrical drum with two heads stretched over a metal shell, the lower head having strings across it; played with two drumsticks. Also side drum.


Music; General music

Highest-ranged voice, normally possessed by women or boys.

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