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Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe


Health care; Hospitals

To remove a tube from a hollow organ or passageway, often from the airway. The opposite of extubate is intubate (to put in a breathing tube).

Health care

Health care; Hospitals

The treatment and prevention of illness.

Psychiatric education services

Health care; Hospitals

Provides patients and their families with information and education regarding psychiatric treatment and its results.

Psychiatric emergency services

Health care; Hospitals

Provides 24-hour emergency care to patients suffering acute emotional and mental distress. This may include diagnosis, evaluation, and crisis intervention.

Single photon emission computerised tomography unit

Health care; Hospitals

Located in the hospital’s nuclear medicine department or unit, a Single Photon Emission computerised Tomograph (SPECT) device uses computed tomographic imaging technology to provide a more precise ...

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