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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science

atomic clock

Earth science; Mapping science

Any clock in which the basic intervals of time are determined by reference to the resonant frequency of radiation absorbed or emitted by atoms or molecules. If the period is governed by the ...

electrostatic effect

Earth science; Mapping science

The lengthening of a pendulum period by an electrostatic charge on the pendulum. A non metallic pendulum such as one made of quartz picks up an electro-static charge. This results in a change in ...

true line

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) A straight line of constant bearing between corners. Formerly called a right line. (2) The direct, forward bearing from one monument to the next, as distinguished from a random line.

Bessel point

Earth science; Mapping science

One of the two points on which a standard bar rests when in use if the distance between lines engraved on the ends of the neutral fiber is to be a maximum. The distance between symmetrically placed ...

Mercury datum 1960

Earth science; Mapping science

A geodetic datum based on the Mercury ellipsoid 1960 and located with respect to a number of major datums of the world by a large, given set of constants. It was used principally by the USA in ...

dark-plate technique

Earth science; Mapping science

A method of hill shading by drawing, on a transparent sheet of plastic which has been coated lithographically with a gray tone, sloping regions by darkening or lightening those regions using black or ...

stereoscopic base

Earth science; Mapping science

The distance and direction between the complementary image points in a pair of stereoscopic photographs.

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