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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science

Absolute stereoscopic parallax

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) The algebraic difference of the distances of two images of a point from the respective photograph nadirs, measured in a horizontal plane and parallel to the air base. (2) The same as the ...


Earth science; Mapping science

The climate in the layer (about 2 metres thick) of air next to the ground. The microclimate undergoes large variations in temperature and humidity.

Order of accuracy

Earth science; Mapping science

A ranking, according to accuracy, of one measurement or survey with respect to other measurements or surveys. Accuracy is greatest in the first order, less in the second order, and so on. Each ...


Earth science; Mapping science

Boundary. The term is archaic and is now found chiefly in the plural, in the term metes and bounds (q.v.).


Earth science; Mapping science

The representation of physical effects, in a dynamic physical system, in terms of admittedly over-simplified equations containing arbitrary constants, rather than representing them by equations in ...

Analytical photogrammetry

Earth science; Mapping science

Photogrammetry in which the size and shape of an object are determined mathematically from measurements made directly on the images, rather than mechanically from measurements on the stereoscopic ...

Luni-solar perturbation

Earth science; Mapping science

(1) A perturbation of the orbit of a body in the Solar System, caused by the attraction of the Moon and the Sun. (2) A perturbation of the orbit of a satellite of the Earth, caused by the ...

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