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Productivity software

Word editors, spread sheets, presentation software, etc.

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Productivity software

Logical tree

Software; Productivity software

In Windows Presentation Foundation, the tree containing all the elements and content that are directly created by an application and used for a user interface element. For the specified element, the ...

Login ID

Software; Productivity software

An ID used to log into a particular site, project, form, etc.

Lollipop interface

Software; Productivity software

In a UML Static Structure or UML Component diagram, one of two types of interfaces that can be connected to class or component shapes and has a lollipop shape.


Software; Productivity software

A series of computer instructions that is repeated a fixed number of times or until a terminating condition is reached.

Managed code extension

Software; Productivity software

An application-level add-in or document-level customization. Generally, an extension to Microsoft Office that is created by using Visual Studio Tools for Office.

Managed data

Software; Productivity software

Objects whose lifetimes are managed by the common language runtime. The runtime automatically handles object layout and manages references to these objects, releasing them when they are no longer ...

Managed extensions for c++

Software; Productivity software

A set of language extensions to C++ that help Visual C++ developers write. NET Framework applications. Managed Extensions allow you to mix unmanaged and managed C++ code within the same application.

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