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Scientists are people who study topics relating to hard sciences such as chemistry, biology and physics.

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People who are trained to fill the prescription for the correction of eye health.

Dmitri Mendeleev

People; Scientists

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (8 February (27 January old style), 1834-2 February (20 November old style) 1907), Russian chemist and inventor. It is considered as the creator of the first version of the ...

Albert Einstein

People; Scientists

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879-April 18, 1955), a German-born theoretical physicist, who discovered the theory of relativity and gravitational theory, leading to a revolution in physics. For this ...

Mark Zuckerberg

People; Scientists

Mark Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is the founder of Facebook, the social networking site master. Aka Bill Gates # 2, Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University for computer science and psychology ...

Nicolas Steno

People; Scientists

Nicolas Steno (11 January 1638 – 25 November 1686) was a Danish pioneer in both anatomy and geology. By 1659 he had decided not to accept anything simply written in a book, resolving instead to do ...

Pyotr Shirshov

People; Scientists

Pyotr Shirshov, hydrobiologist, participant of many arctic expeditions including the first drifting ice station, North Pole-1, researched plankton in polar regions and proved there is life in high ...

Alexey Kondrashov

People; Scientists

Alexey Kondrashov works on evolutionary genetics. Developed the deterministic mutation hypothesis explaining the maintenance of sexual reproduction, sympatric speciation, and evaluated mutation rates

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