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Scientists are people who study topics relating to hard sciences such as chemistry, biology and physics.

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Martin Heinrich Klaproth

People; Scientists

Martin Heinrich Klaproth (1 December 1743 – 1 January 1817) was a German chemist.Klaproth was born in Wernigerode. During a large portion of his life he followed the profession of an apothecary. ...

Alfred Krupp

People; Scientists

Alfred Krupp (born Alfried Felix Alwyn Krupp), son of Friedrich Carl, was born in Essen in 1812. His father's death forced him to leave school at the age of fourteen and take on responsibility for ...

Gustav Kirchhoff

People; Scientists

Gustav Robert Kirchhoff (12 March 1824 – 17 October 1887) was a German physicist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black-body ...

Robert Koch

People; Scientists

Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch was a German physician. He became famous for isolating Bacillus anthracis (1877), the Tuberculosis bacillus (1882) and Vibrio cholerae (1883) and for his development of ...

Ludwig Knorr

People; Scientists

Ludwig Knorr (December 2, 1859 – June 4, 1921) was a German chemist. Together with Carl Paal, he discovered the Paal-Knorr synthesis, and the Knorr quinoline synthesis and Knorr pyrrole synthesis are ...

Arthur Korn

People; Scientists

Arthur Korn (May 20, 1870, Breslau, Germany – December 21/December 22, 1945, Jersey City, New Jersey) was a German-born physicist, mathematician and inventor. He was involved in the development of ...

Georgii Karpechenko

People; Scientists

Georgii Karpechenko was the inventor of rabbage, an early experimental allopolyploid and non-sterile hybrid obtained through crossbreeding of distant species.

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