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The process of converting words and sentences from one language into another with the proper grammar and subject matter relevance.

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cleft sentence

Language; Translation

A sentence structured in two parts. The first part, comprised of it + be, is intended to emphasize a particular piece of information, e.g. it was Mrs Smith who gave Mary the book.

formal correspondence

Language; Translation

The general, systemic relationship between an source language and target language element, out of context (e.g. There may be formal correspondence between este in Spanish and this in English; ...

textual function

Language; Translation

The use of language in the creation of well-formed texts.

intralingual translation

Language; Translation

Translation within the same language (e.g. paraphrase or rewording).

machine translation system based on rules

Translation & localization; Translation

A machine translation system is based on a set of rules known as the rules of grammar, lexicon, and on programs designed to process these rules. Is flexible and serviced. The rule-based approach was ...


Language; Translation

The extent to which it is possible to translate from one language to another. Those who argue for the possibility to suggest that anything that can be said can be said in one language to another.


Translation & localization; Translation

It is the use of a phrase made from the target language to translate an idiomatic expression of the source language.

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