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Maha bandha

Fitness; Yoga

The great lock - combines the three locks in yoga - the moola bandha, jalandhara bandha and uddiyana bandha - together with breath retention.

Maha mudra

Fitness; Yoga

The great gesture - combines the practise of moola bandha, shambhavi and khechari mudras simultaneously.

Maha nadi

Fitness; Yoga

Literally means 'great nadi', which is the 'sushumna' in yoga

Mooladhara chakra

Fitness; Yoga

Lowest energy centre in the human body where the kundalini shakti (serpent power) resides - situated in the perineal floor in men and the cervix in women.

Moorchha pranayama

Fitness; Yoga

Fainting or swooning breath' in which the breath is inhaled slowly and retained for an extended period.


Fitness; Yoga

Literally means 'gesture' - mudra expresses and channelizes cosmic energy within the mind and body.


Fitness; Yoga

Energy channels in the body, similar to the meridians in acupuncture

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