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Manas chakra

Fitness; Yoga

The energy centre above the ajna chakra - is depicted with six petals

Manipura chakra

Fitness; Yoga

The energy centre in the spinal column located behind the navel - corresponding to the solar plexus.


Fitness; Yoga

Man's retained energy or potential energy and consciousness

Kundalini shakti

Fitness; Yoga

Refers to the human's potential energy lying dormant in mooladhara (base) chakra like a coiled serpent. When awakened it rises up through the sushumna nadi.

Kundalini yoga

Fitness; Yoga

Philosophy expounding the awakening of potential energy and inherent consciousness within the human body and mind.


Fitness; Yoga

Three humours of the body; see kapha, pitta, vata


Fitness; Yoga

Quality of nature viz. Tamas, rajas, sattwa

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