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This is a blossary containing key vocabulary needed to best understand Emerson's essay, "Self-Reliance."

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Similar to admonish upbraid is when someone scolds you sharply. The quote from the essay is, "Consider whether you have satisfied your relations to father, mother, cousin, neighbour, town, cat, and ...

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

The text says, "Our reading is mendicant and sycophantic." A sycophantic is when someone is attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

Render is to provide or cause something to happen. Emerson wrote, "our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpets of the Last Judgment".

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

Reliance is the act of being dependent on it. The essays says, "To talk of reliance is a poor external way of speaking".

Domain: Literature; Category: Literary terms

From the essay, "We do not yet see that virtue is Height, and that a man or a company of men, plastic and permeable to principles, by the law of nature must overpower and ride all cities, nations, ...

Domain: Agriculture; Category: Agricultural produce

Penance is a voluntary self punishment to make up for a wrong-going. Emerson wrote, "Their virtues are penances".

Domain: Religion; Category: General religion

Emerson wrote, "What pretty oracles nature yields us on this text." An oracle is someone who can tell the future.

Domain: Literature; Category: General literature

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