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The study of physical characteristics of earth and the distribution and effects of life on earth, especially that of humans.

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Library & information science; Library

Material which is not returned to the library by its due date is considered overdue.

elder brother

Religion; Mormonism

A name or title of Jesus Christ, the firstborn of all Heavenly Father's spirit children.


Religion; Mormonism

A geographical ecclesiastical unit of the Church consisting of several regions and presided over by a president, who is a General Authority.

auxiliary board

Religion; Mormonism

A small group of Church members called to help leaders of Church auxiliary organizations, such as Relief Society or Sunday School, at both the stake and the general Church ...

Barrel chair

Home furnishings; Living room furniture

Chairs with half circle back usually upholstered in vertical ribs which were originally made from half wine barrels.

atypical neuroleptics


They're also known as antipsychotics of second generation, being a group of tranquilizers that are used to treat psychal diseases.



Schizophrenia is a mental desorder charactrized by desorder in the proces of thinking and emotional responsiveness