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Emi Takei

Emi Takei (born December 24, 1993) is a Japanese actress, singer and fashion model from Nagoya, Japan. Aspiring to become a model at a young age, she competed in the 11th Zen-Nihon Kokumin-teki Bishojo Contest at age 12, winning both the model and multimedia awards. In 2006, she appeared in Seventeen, a popular teen fashion magazine, as her first official modelling job for an article titled "How to make your eyebrows beautiful". She later became an exclusive Seventeen model, appearing on several magazine covers solo or with other models.

In 2008, she made her acting debut playing Maki Mizuta in Shun Nakahara's "The Cherry Orchard: Blossoming", which featured a cast made up almost entirely of talent from Oscar Promotion, her exclusive signing agent.

On September 1, 2010, Takei was picked from 5,500 celebrities, entertainers, and models to be the image ambassador for the beauty-focused social network "be amie".

In 2012, she appeared in the movie "Love for Beginners", a teen romance movie directed by Takeshi Furusawa and based on a manga by Takeshi Furusawa. The film depicts an excessively studious high school girl, Tsubaki Hibino (Emi Takei) who clings to old customs, and her relationship with a "modern" boy named Kyota Tsubaki (Tori Matsuzaka) who claims her first kiss.

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