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bee eater

The bee eaters are any of the various brightly colored birds that are found chiefly in Africa, Asia, southern Europe, Australia, and New Guinea. The bee eaters are so named because they predominantly feed on bees, wasps, and other flying insects.Before eating its meal, a bee-eater removes the stinger by repeatedly hitting and rubbing the insect on a hard surface.

Members of the family Meropidae, most bee-eater species are characterized by richly colored plumage, slender bodies, and usually elongated central tail feathers. All have long downturned bills and pointed wings giving them a swallow-like appearance.

The bee-eaters catch the bees in the air usually from an open perch. Before eating their prey, they first rub the insect on a hard surface repeatedly to remove its stinger as well as most of its venom.

A dead bee-eater has been investigated by a counter-terrorism unit in Turkey because the bird had a leg ring stamped "Israel".

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