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Mapping science

The systemic study of the processes and designs involved with map making.

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Mapping science

Longitude term in a gravity formula

Earth science; Mapping science

That term, in a formula for the value of gravity, explicitly containing the geodetic longitude ë and geodetic latitude ö as arguments and implying that the geoid is represented by an ellipsoid having ...

New england datum

Earth science; Mapping science

A datum identical with the horizontal control datum for which the name United States Standard Datum was adopted in 1901; that name was later changed to North American Datum. Before 1901, this datum ...

Topocentric place

Earth science; Mapping science

The angular coordinates of a celestial body referred to a coordinate system having its origin at the observer.


Earth science; Mapping science

(1) Placing panels at a ground point to make it easier to find and identify the station on aerial photo-graphs. (2) Cutting a photograph, or a map containing some distortion, into several pieces and ...

Map substitute

Earth science; Mapping science

Any graphic material such as aerial photographs, photomaps, etc., produced or used as a substitute for a map. Map substitutes are usually produced when maps cannot be produced in time.

Lunar phase

Earth science; Mapping science

One of the times, designated New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter, at which the excess of the apparent celestial longitude of the Moon over that of the sun is 0 o , 90 o , 180 o and ...

Location survey

Earth science; Mapping science

The establishment, on the ground, of points and lines in locations previously determined by computation or graphical methods. The plans for an engineering project (road, canal, etc.) are prepared in ...

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