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Rowing is a competitive sport where rowers race each other in boats by using oars to propel themselves forward. The athlete sits in the boat facing backwards with two oars (one on either side).

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Sports; Rowing

The act of rowing with two oars (one in each hand). Sculling boats include single sculls ( witha single oarsman), double sculls and quad sculls.

Anna Watkins

Sports; Rowing

British female Olympic rower that won gold in the women's double scull at the 2012 London Olympics with her partner Katherine Grainger. Anna took up rowing at Cambridge University and subsequently ...

Katherine Grainger

Sports; Rowing

Scottish female Olympic rower( b.Glasgow 1975).She is a 3 time Olympic medallist; after taking Olympic gold with her double scull partner Anna Watkins in the 2012 London games, as well as silver in ...

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