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The Croatian coast with clear and clean sea offers a variety of beaches. Adriatic that has numerous islands, bays and reefs hides mainly stone, gravel and sandy beaches.

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Banje, the most famous Dubrovnik beach seems like providence. This divine pebble and sandy beach is located not more than an eye wink of The Pearl of the Adriatic offering a graceful heavenly view.

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Bacvice beach is the favorite bathing place in Split. Throughout the entire year you can see the most courageous ones bathing and playing picigin which is the favorite summer sport in Split. It was ...

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This beach is regularly nominated as one of the loveliest in Europe, if not the world. Its white shingle turns into coarse sand at the water's edge, making it ideal for children. It's backed by pine ...

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If you wish to have fun on the famous beach Zlatni rat, known for the fact that it changes its form due to the change of currents and waves, feel the summer joy and spend your holidays on one of the ...

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Brodarica is a settlement situated 5 km away from Sibenik. It is situated along the Adriatic highway and is connected to Sibenik with daily coach lines. It distinguishes itself with rocky and gravely ...

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Beaches in Bibinje stretch for a few kilometers starting from Zadar until Marina Dalmacija. The beaches are mostly sandy. Within the area of the marina there is a large "private beach" which is ...

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Slanica beach is located on the beautiful island of Murter. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island. It is rich with versatile content and is ideal for younger couples, older persons, ...

Domain: Tourism & hospitality; Category: Tourist attractions

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