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Sunflowers are obvious representations of sunshine, given that they turn to the sun as much as they can. This turning toward the sun also gives it the meaning of pride and loyalty.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

Tulips are symbols of perfect love, as well as charity and fame from its large petals. Its wide variety of colors also ascribed the meaning of imagination. Some also use them as charms against evil.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

Giving someone sweetpeas means that one is thanking them for the great time. In this sense, it means bliss, as well as goodbye. Some also ascribe the meaning of truth to the sweetpea.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

This flower symbolizes affection and is a very direct way to say "kiss me". Besides this, it also symbolizes the ability to overcome hardships. Some also view it as a symbol of freedom.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

These white flowers are symbols of secret love, as well as being lovely in general. The white color also implies purity, peace, and spirituality. Essentially they could be a symbol of pure love.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

The geranium means stupidity or folly, but that is no reason to dislike these flowers. Some say that if you plant geraniums near your windows you will not have flies in your home.

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

Ambrosia comes in many different colors and while it has poisonous pollen, giving someone ambrosias means that one is reciprocating the pure love of another. However, it does not strictly have this ...

Domain: Plants; Category: Flowers

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