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Air traffic control

An in-airport service that facilitates the safe and orderly movement of aircrafts within and between airports, achieved by interpreting data from radar and weather devices, and by maintaining contact with pilots.

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Air traffic control

Tower radar plan (TRP)

Aviation; Air traffic control

A plan containing the rules and procedures applicable in a tower radar area (TRA).

Take-off alternate aerodrome

Aviation; Air traffic control

An alternate aerodrome at which an aircraft can land should this become necessary shortly after takeoff and it is not possible to use the aerodrome of departure.

Powered glider

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aeroplane that, with engines shut off, has the flight characteristics of a glider.

Speed brake

Aviation; Air traffic control

Movable aerodynamic devices on aircraft that reduce indicated airspeed.

Touchdown pad

Aviation; Air traffic control

The load-bearing portion of a designated helicopter landing and take-off area on which a helicopter may alight.

Short takeoff and landing aircraft

Aviation; Air traffic control

An aircraft that, at some weight within its approved operating weight, is capable of operating from a STOL runway in compliance with the applicable STOL characteristics and airworthiness, operations, ...

Point of activation

Aviation; Air traffic control

The position, expressed by either a four-letter, four-digit geographical reference (GEOREF) or four-digit latitude and longitude co-ordinates, from which an aircraft departs or is estimated to be ...

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