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Any machine or device that is capable of atmospheric flight either by buoyancy or by the movement of air over its surfaces.

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Random RNAV routes

Aviation; Aircraft

Direct routes, based on area navigation capability, between waypoints defined in terms of latitude/longitude coordinates, degree-distance fixes, or offsets from established routes/airways at a ...

St. Elmo’s Fire

Aviation; Aircraft

A corona discharge which lights up the aircraft surface areas where maximum static discharge occurs.

Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR)

Aviation; Aircraft

Includes the federal aviation regulations governing the operation of aircraft, airways, and airmen.


Aviation; Aircraft

The design manoeuvring speed. The maximum speed at which full, abrupt control movement can be used without overstressing the airframe.

VFR on top

Aviation; Aircraft

ATC authorization for an IFR aircraft to operate in VFR conditions at any appropriate VFR altitude.

VFR over the top

Aviation; Aircraft

A VFR operation in which an aircraft operates in VFR conditions on top of an undercast.

VFR terminal area chart

Aviation; Aircraft

At a scale of 1:250,000, a chart that depicts Class B airspace, which provides for the control or segregation of all the aircraft within the Class B airspace. The chart depicts topographic ...

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