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American culture

Art, music, literature, people, sports, technology, business, politics, religion and more in the United States. American culture is primarily Western, but is influenced by African, Asian, and Latin American and Native American cultures.

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American culture

street vendors

Culture; American culture

Small-scale, non-corporate entrepreneurs in kiosks, mobile carts or specialized vehicles who sell food, periodicals, cigarettes and other sundries in urban areas. They add color and life to plazas ...

Donald Trump

Culture; American culture

Donald John Trump Sr. is a real-estate financier, American business magnate and investor. He was born on June 14, 1946 in New York City. Donald's father, Fred Trump was also an American real estate ...


Culture; American culture

In the largely heterosexual context of American society the process of revealing oneself as a homosexual or bisexual individual is termed "coming out of the closet." Coming out is, strictly speaking, ...

Mario Cuomo

Culture; American culture

Mario Matthew Cuomo, (June 15, 1932 – 1 January 2015) was an American politician and Democratic Governor of New York from 1983 1994 t0o. An unapologetic liberal, ardent Cuomo speech at the Democratic ...

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