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Any electronic device designed to inrease the volume of sound.

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Miller capacitance

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

The effective multiplication of the plate-to-grid capacitance in a triode tube (or transistor) by the gain of the amplifying stage. Miller capacitance can decrease the frequency response of an ...

Modelling amp

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A computer that is passed off as a guitar amplifier. See "solid-state".

Negative feedback

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

Feedback in which a portion of the signal from a later amplifier stage is fed back to an earlier stage (or to the same stage) in such a manner as to subtract from the input signal.

Open back

Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A speaker cabinet with no back. The speaker is then unloaded.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A device which contains a optical emitter, such as an LED, neon bulb, or incandescent bulb, and an optical receiving element, such as a resistor that changes resistance with variations in light ...


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

Any kind of signal or alternating current including those beyond audibility.


Consumer electronics; Amplifier

A circuit that produces a sustained AC waveform with no external input signal. Oscillators can be designed to produce sine waves, square waves, or other wave shapes. They are typically used as ...

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