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Entertainment; Amusement parks

A device used to slow or stop the train on a roller coaster. Brakes are placed on the brake run, but may also be located along the course the train travels to slow the train down if necessary or stop ...

Station brake

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A device used to slow or stop the train as it approaches and enters the station.

Shoulder harness

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A device used to secure a rider's shoulders by placing a bar over the shoulder area, but unlike an over-the-shoulder restraint it does not go down over the chest, stomach and cross the riders lap. ...

Over-the-shoulder restraint

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A device that goes over the riders shoulders to restrain and protect them while riding a roller coaster. Most looping roller coasters like Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain have over-the-shoulder ...


Entertainment; Amusement parks

A car is a part of the overall coaster train. A car consists of one or more rows where riders are seated in individual or bench seats. A coaster train should consist of two or more cars linked ...

Elevated curve

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A curve on a roller coaster where the track either descends or ascends as it curves.

Air gate

Entertainment; Amusement parks

A crowd control gate that prevents people from walking onto the roller coaster's loading platform. These are installed for safety purposes and in some cases are driven by compressed air.

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