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Analysis software

parallel reaction

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A parallel reaction is a chemical reaction for which the expression for the rate of disappearance of a reactant is governed by the rate constants relating to several simultaneous reactions to form ...


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An homolysis is the cleavage (or fission or dissociation) of a bond so that each of the molecular fragments between which the bond is broken retains one of the bonding electrons. A unimolecular ...

beta scission

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A beta scission reaction is a chemical reaction where the main feature is the scission of a bond beta (connected to an adjacent atom) to the atom bearing a radical. A unimolecular reaction involving ...


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An elimination is a reaction where the main feature is elimination of two ligands (atoms or groups). In a 1,2-Elimination, the ligands are lost from adjacent centers with concomitant formation of an ...

molecular rearrangement

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A molecular rearrangement is traditionally any reaction that involves a change of connectivity.

rotational isomerisation

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Rotational isomerization is isomerization resulting to a different spatial arrangement of atoms that arise from restricted rotation on one single bond.


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An isomerization is chemical reaction, the principal product of which is isomeric with the principal reactant. An intramolecular isomerization that involves the breaking or making of bonds is a ...

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