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Analytical chemistry

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Analytical chemistry


Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

Preparation of one or more subsamples from a sample of material that is to be analysed chemically.

Fractional precipitation

Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

Method for separating elements or compounds with similar solubilities by a series of analytical precipitations, each one improving the purity of the desired element.


Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

In chemical analysis, a substance used to calibrate the response of a measurement system to the analyte.

Reference material

Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

A material or substance whose properties are sufficiently well established to be used in calibrating an apparatus, assessing a measurement method, or assigning values to other materials.


Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

The space provided above the resin bed in an ion-exchange column to allow for expansion of the bed during backwashing.

Calibration reference

Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

Any of the standards of various types that indicate whether an analytical instrument or procedure is working within prescribed limits; examples are test solutions used with pH meters, and solutions ...

Relative stability test

Chemistry; Analytical chemistry

A colour test using methylene blue that indicates when the oxygen present in a sewage plant’s effluent or polluted water is exhausted.

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