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Ancient Greece


History; Ancient Greece

Mountainous region in the central-southern Peloponnese and the home territory of Sparta, which drew on the fertility of the Eurotas valley between the main mountain ranges. The word "laconic" ...


History; Ancient Greece

Naval commander who, in 325 BC, performed the remarkable feat of sailing Alexander the Great's fleet from the Indus river to the mouth of the Persian Gulf without the loss of a single ship. He later ...


History; Ancient Greece

A fortified Greek hilltop city with a palace and lavish royal tombs in the Peloponnese, occupied from the 16th to 12th centuries BC. Its most famous features are the famous Lion Gate and the ...

Mycenaean civilization

History; Ancient Greece

First Greek-speaking civilization (c.1600-1200 BC), named after Mycenae, its most important site. The civilization centred on a number of independent rulers, each with their own stronghold. ...

Peloponnesian War

History; Ancient Greece

The Peloponnesian War was fought between two groups of Greek allies. One was the Peloponnesian League, which had Sparta as its leader. The other leader was Athens, which controlled the The Delian ...

Hellenistic period

History; Ancient Greece

Period in Greek history dating from the death of Alexander the Great (323 BC) to Rome's conquest of Egypt (30 BC), when Greek culture spread as a result of Alexander's conquests. Kingdoms rather than ...


History; Ancient Greece

Site of the original Olympic Games in the Alpheus valley of the northwest Peloponnese. It was a major pan-Hellenic sanctuary to the god Zeus, whose festivals came to be dominated by the games. His ...

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