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Animal feed

Of or relating to the food products given to farmed animals.

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Animal feed


Agriculture; Animal feed

To divert a specific controllable portion of hydraulic pump delivery directly to reservoir.

balanced ration

Agriculture; Animal feed

To be balanced a ration must contain the 5 essential elements - water, protein, energy, vitamins and minerals in the proper amount and ratios for the species being fed.

animal nutrition

Agriculture; Animal feed

The science of dietary foods for animals, providing the basis on which to formulate a complete and balanced food intake in accordance with the animal's needs.

programmable logic controllers (PLC)

Agriculture; Animal feed

Industrial computer with I/O capability, which programs in ladder-relay logic.

servo valve

Agriculture; Animal feed

Electro-mechanical device used to control a setworks hydraulic cylinder. An electrical signal is sent to the servo valve which opens, allowing hydraulic fluid to flow into the cylinder. The voltage ...

command signal

Agriculture; Animal feed

An external signal to which the servo must respond.

axial force

Agriculture; Animal feed

A push (compression) or pull (tension) acting along the length of a member, expressed in kilonewtons (pounds).

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