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Animal verbs

Words describing actions by animals.

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Animal verbs

Egg dumping

Zoology; Animal verbs

The practise of placing eggs in a nest built by another bird.


Zoology; Animal verbs

Moving slowly through cover trying to spot rabbits, squirrels or other small game. The object is to use your eyes more than your feet. You should spend more time standing still than walking.

Steady to wing

Zoology; Animal verbs

A dog that doesn't chase a bird when it flushes.

Tail slapping

Zoology; Animal verbs

Dolphins can be seen slapping their tails forcibly on the surface of the water.

Call matching

Zoology; Animal verbs

A vocalisation in birds characterised by the male and female of a pair duplicating the other's flight call. Call matching is often a behaviour exhibited by members of the finch family.

Functional response

Zoology; Animal verbs

Change in the rate of exploitation of prey by an individual predator as a result of a change in prey density.

Flight birds

Zoology; Animal verbs

Migratory woodcock as opposed to locally hatched "residents". The woodcock is the only migratory upland gamebird other than the dove.

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