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Louisiana pancake batfish

Animals; Animals

Louisiana pancake batfish, Halieutichthys intermedius, belongs to the Ogcocephalidae family of batfish. It is native to the Gulf of Mexico, and was discovered in 2010. The known range of the species ...

animal trainer

Animals; Animals

An animal trainer is an expert who has studied and observed specific or different animals or birds for their variations in behavior under different conditions and is capable of handling them, taming ...

poison dart frog

Animals; Animals

If you ever happen to be running through rainforests, somewhere in Central or South America, never pick up a beautiful and colorful frog is a Dart Frog can be poison. This frog is probably the most ...


Animals; Animals

To pass the winter in a state of inactivity that is similar to sleep. These animals live in cold climates.


Animals; Animals

A type of mollusk that has a soft, rounded body with eight tentacles and large eyes.

Volcano rabbit

Animals; Animals

A small rabbit that resides in the mountains of Mexico. It is the world's second smallest rabbit, second only to the pygmy rabbit. It has small rounded ears, short legs, and short, thick fur and ...


Animals; Animals

A member of the group of mammals that gnaw or nibble using a pair of large front teeth.Rats, mice, guinea pigs, squirrels, and beavers are types of rodents.

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