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Anti virus

Software applications for preventing, detecting, and removing malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses.

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Anti virus

stealth virus

Software; Anti virus

These viruses attempt to hide themselves to avoid detection by virus scanners.


Software; Anti virus

Actions taken by a virus beyond infecting files, anything from displaying harmless messages to deleting files to making systems unbootable.

polymorphic virus

Software; Anti virus

Viruses which change code every time they infect, avoiding detection by antivirus scanners.


Software; Anti virus

Antivirus technology designed to detect and remove malicious code.

behaviour blocking

Software; Anti virus

When files attempt to modify the system registry, behavior blockers temporarily prevent the modification to ask the user's permission. Such modifications can be legitimate, but often come with ...


Software; Anti virus

Removing a virus infection from a file.

false positive

Software; Anti virus

Faulty coding in a legitimate file which flags up as a virus signature.

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