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Application design

Application diagram

Design; Application design

The diagram used to visualize, define, connect, and configure applications in the solution. The application diagram (.ad) file contains information based on the System Definition Model (SDM).

Application definition

Design; Application design

Defines an application that can provide or consume services.You can later design application systems composed from uses of these application definitions. You can constrain the types of logical ...

Application endpoint

Design; Application design

A connexion point at which an application provides or consumes a service and is of provider or consumer type, respectively. For example, an ASP.NET application might have a Web service provider ...


Design; Application design

Represents how applications connect to each other in the development environment.

Application prototype

Design; Application design

A preconfigured application definition in the Toolbox used to define applications on the application diagram. For example, you can drag the ASP.NETWebService prototype from the Toolbox to define an ...


Art history; Application design

A table-lamp usually designed to give concentrated light for working purposes.

Open grain

Design; Application design

A wood grain where the annual growth rings are pronounced and there is an obvious difference between the pore size of springwood and summerwood. Oak and ash and examples of open-grained wood.

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