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Atmospheric chemistry

A scientific study of the chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere and that of other planets.

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Atmospheric chemistry

kyoto protocol

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

An international agreement arranged in 1997 in an 11 day conference that took place in Kyoto, Japan. The agreement, coming into force in 2005, required industrialized countries to reduce greenhouse ...

geostrophic wind

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

A wind forming from the apparent Coriolis and pressure gradient forces along straight isobars above the boundary layer.

perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS)

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

(CF 3 CF 2 CF 2 CF 2 CF 2 CF 2 CF 2 CF 2 SO 3 - ) An intermediate in the production of fabric protectors that repelled water and oil, among other uses. PFOS is toxic to mammals. In 2005, Dupont ...


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

This compound, also called perchloroethylene, is used for dry cleaning purposes; often it is recycled by the cleaners for reuse.

hydrologic cycle

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

The recycling of water on earth. There are five steps: Condensation occurs when water vapor in the atmosphere turns into a liquid and forms clouds. The clouds release precipitation in the form of ...


Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

A colorless gas with a sweet odor. Once used as a coolant in consumer products, but are no longer used because of its toxicity. It is the central nervous system irritants, and in high doses can cause ...

Beer's Law

Chemistry; Atmospheric chemistry

For monochromatic radiation, absorbance (A) is determined by the relationship: A = abc, with a = absorptivity, b = path length through the medium, and c = concentration of the ...

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