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Auto parts

Any component of an automobile.

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Auto parts

damper force

Automotive; Auto parts

The force that dampens vibrations on a vehicle.


Automotive; Auto parts

Part of an automobile, it is the front glass in a car.

Planet gear

Automotive; Auto parts

Intermediate gear of a differential, there are at least 2 planet gears on the planet carrier or spider that is powered by the engine through the ring gear. The planet gears mesh with both side gears, ...

windshield wipers

Automotive; Auto parts

They serve to keep the windshield clean and clear under all driving conditions (rain, dust, mud, etc.).


Automotive; Auto parts

To fit into each other, as parts of machinery, so that all action is synchronized.

Access slots

Automotive; Auto parts

Openings in the brake backing plates or brake drums that allow you to reach the Star-wheel adjusters

AC commutator motor

Automotive; Auto parts

An AC motor which has a commutator as an essential part of its construction.

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