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Of or relating to any vehicle, usually designed to carry passengers, that operates on ordinary roads and typically has four wheels and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine.

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adjustable damper

Automotive; Automobile

One that can be manually or electronically adjusted to change the dampening qualities.

adjustable seat belt shoulder height

Automotive; Automobile

Mechanism in the B-pillar that permits the upper seat belt anchor's height to be raised or lowered.

adaptive transmission

Automotive; Automobile

Device that evaluates various driving techniques to determine the optimum change points for an auto transmission.

adaptive cruise control

Automotive; Automobile

Device that enables the car's speed to automatically vary depending on the vehicle in front, using radar, cruise control sensors and, possibly, an external traffic control center.

adaptive airbag

Automotive; Automobile

Two-stage airbag that can inflates in two stages. It is partly filled in a low-speed collision and becomes fully inflated above about 35 km/h.

active torque split

Automotive; Automobile

System in which the transmission distributes engine torque in controlled proportions between all wheels, varying the proportion front and rear to suit the conditions.

active safety

Automotive; Automobile

Those vehicle qualities that help a driver avoid a potential accident, such as braking, steering and cornering stability.

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