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Automotive paint

Automotive paint and auto body works.

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Automotive paint


Automotive; Automotive paint

2 components are mixed to use a material (2K primer is the primer and a catalyst)

aspiration hazard

Automotive; Automotive paint

The danger of drawing material into the lungs, leading t inflammatory response.

dual action (DA)

Automotive; Automotive paint

Refers to a power tool used for sanding.


Automotive; Automotive paint

A fine wire wool used to prepare a surface for painting. Available in several grades such as fine and superfine.

acrylic urethane

Automotive; Automotive paint

A coating based on urethane chemistry which also includes acrylic chemistry as part of the cross linked polymer backbone.


Automotive; Automotive paint

A painted surface that scatters or absorbs the light failing on it, so as to be substantially free from gloss or sheen.


Automotive; Automotive paint

Ability of a coating to expand and contract during temperature changes.

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