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The fundamental knowledge about various aspects of our world and their underlying principles.

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Basic science


Science; Basic science

Temporal variation rate of speed. Since speed is a directional vector or greatness, implying an intensity and a direction, can change in terms of a variation in intensity in the direction or in ...


Science; Basic science

Concave inward, like the inside of a bowl. When rays of light pass through a concave lens, they spread apart.

symmetric cell division

Science; Basic science

Stem cells can divide symmetrically to generate daughter cells with similar fates. In the early mammalian cerebral cortex, neuroepithelial cells divide symmetrically to rapidly expand a stem cell ...


Science; Basic science

A person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft or to work in outer space is called as astronaut.


Science; Basic science

Either of the two times during the year when the Sun is directly above the equator and daylight and night are the same length.


Science; Basic science

A statement that explains a set of facts and can be tested if it is false or not accurate.


Science; Basic science

A combination of two substances in which the atoms or molecules of the two substances are spread around in a single mass.

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