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The craft of stringing beads to one another by the use of a needle and thread or soft, flexible wire.

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Jewelry; Beadwork

A smooth, shiny, round growth inside the shell of oysters and some other mollusks. Pearls form as a covering around a grain of sand.


Jewelry; Beadwork

The hard, smooth, pearly layer on the inside of certain seashells, such as abalones and some oysters.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Manufactured components used to create jewelry. Generally, findings provide the structure for the jewellery design; the ornamentation is provided by both the design of the finding as well as the ...


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The unit of weight used for precious stones. One carat equals one-fifth of a gram. Also a measurement of fitness in gold. Pure gold is expressed as 24kt.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

The metal groove or flange holding a gemstone in its setting, or the slanting face of a cut gem.


Arts & crafts; Beadwork

A cultured pearl originally non-nucleated, grown in a freshwater mussel from Lake Biwa in Japan. Only those actually produced there should be called Biwas; others are simply called freshwater ...

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Arts & crafts; Beadwork

Finding that can be bonded to round bead or tumbled stone to add a loop and create a pendant.

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