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Belly dance

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Belly dance


Dance; Belly dance

This word means "my darling" or "beloved" in Arabic, and appears in many Arabic song titles and lyrics.

cobra coils

Dance; Belly dance

Creating a cobra affect. Circle hand above head, coming down through a shoulder roll, with a leading elbow curl, followed by a wrist curl at hip level.


Dance; Belly dance

Music of the Middle East.


Dance; Belly dance

This is an Arabic musical rhythm, and can also be called Masmoudi Saghir which means "little masmoudi".


Dance; Belly dance

Finger cymbals in Turkish. Called sagat in Arabic. However, it is normal for the Turkish term to be used. (Turkish & Persian terms for music, French for dance)


Dance; Belly dance

This is an article of clothing in Morocco, historically worn by the Tuareg Berber nomad tribes. It consists of a piece of fabric about 6 yards long, which is wrapped around the body and fasted in ...


Dance; Belly dance

A type of flute made from a reed which resembles a Ney.

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